Public Beach

Front of Property

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West Side of Lot

MacAdams Lake


Northside East Bay Lot 06-1                     Price:      $39,000.00 Cdn + HST

Property Assets                        


      Natural Assets

        0.5 kilometers from the beautiful public Beach on the East Bay Sandbar

          2.62 acres    (1.06 hectares)

          8 minutes from the new Ben Eoin Golf & Ski Resort

           corner of Eskasoni highway & MacAdams Lake road

           18 kilometers from Sydney

           MacAdams lake is approximately 1.0 kilometer up the road

           480 feet (146.3 m) of road frontage on MacAdams Lake Road

           208 feet (63.4 m) of frontage on the Eskasoni Highway

           untouched Forest               


        Man-made Assets

          the front 50 feet of  the lot has been cleared and planted with grass

             a new driveway

             property has been surveyed and migrated to new land registration system