Icon Info               

Icons have been extensively used throughout our website. This is a comprehensive list of  the icons utilized  with a brief explanation of their purpose. The icons have been categorized as either property page , slideshow or other.

Property Page Icons                                                       

All properties for sale have a main page with a brief description of the property and its list price. From this main webpage there are links to aerial photos, maps, slideshows, a photo gallery, survey plans, a list of assets, miscellaneous info, etc..
This icon displays a list of assets (both natural & man-made that come with the property).
This icon displays a photo gallery of pictures on the property. Most photo galleries have multiple pages of pictures.
This icon displays the latest satellite photos of the surrounding area with the Google Maps software. By using the zoom control features, one can control the view of the satellite images.
This icon is use to display the official map of the property and is provided by the Nova Scotia land registry office.
If the property has been surveyed, this icon will display a portion of the survey plan registered with the Land Registry office.
This icon displays the applicable portion of the official aerial Photo provided by the Nova Scotia Land Registry Office.
This icon displays the location of the property on a map of Cape Breton Island.
This icon displays miscellaneous information on the property such as tax account #, assessment #, annual taxes, civic address, etc..
This icon is used to display a summarizing fact sheet on the property.
If you wish to send us an e-mail at Cape Breton Land Sales, use this icon.
If you wish to forward the link to this page to a friend via e-mail, use this icon.
This icon can be accessed from the Miscellaneous Info web page. It provides annual climate statistics for the island of Cape Breton.
This icon can be accessed from the Miscellaneous Info web page. It provides the current weather conditions from the nearest highway camera.
This icon provides an easy to "go forward" through all the property page options.
This icon provides an easy to "go backwards" through all the property page options.
This icon indicates on the toolbar at the bottom of the property page which property page option is currently being displayed.



Other Icons


This icon will return to the Home Page for Cape Breton Land sales.
The three pictures that display on our Home Page are generated randomly. clicking this icon will generate three new pictures randomly.
If you wish to make a purchase offer on a property, you can use this icon to bring an acceptable Purchase and Sale agreement in Microsoft Word format.
If you wish to contact us at Cape Breton Land Sales via e-mail, regular mail or telephone, this icon will display a webpage with all of our contact details.
This icon is for internal Cape Breton Land Sale use only. This icon brings up a web page with various web traffic analysis tools.
Go to webpage indicated for further details. This icon is most used mostly within the property table from the "All Properties" webpage.