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Northside East Bay Lot 06-5                         Price $36,000.00 Cdn + HST  

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Created in 2006, this lot has amazing views of the Bras Dor Lakes and surrounding area from the front of the property. The front portion of this property is covered with untouched indigenous Cape Breton trees and the majority of the back half is a moss-covered field.  This land would be an excellent property for a home as it is situated on a paved highway approximately 18 kilometers from Sydney . This vacant lot is located on the Eskasoni Highway overlooking the Beautiful Public Beach on the East Bay Sandbar. The proposed Ben Eoin Ski and (proposed) Golf resort is less than ten minutes away (scheduled opening date of golf course: August 2009). The front 50 feet of this lot has been cleared to the highway, grass seed has been planted and a driveway with culvert has been installed meeting current government regulations. The fresh water MacAdams Lake is approximately 1.0 kilometer up the road and provides good fishing and recreational boating possibilities.

Size                  253 feet (77.1 m) along the Eskasoni Highway    3.64 acres    (1.47 hectares)

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